The Beatles, Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, America, The Kinks, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and other bands of that era have influenced the music of German-born, singer-songwriter Harald Settele.

Harald has been writing songs in English for more than 35 years. Initially performing in pubs, folk clubs, and music halls, he began giving concerts during his stay in England from 1979-1980. In late 1980 he moved to Berlin. He did not perform in public again until forming his band project, „Silent Cloud“ in 2008.

Silent Cloud is an ever-changing formation of (guest-)musicians, a band living from the freshly integrated experiences of various musicians, an organic project. The songs of Silent Cloud, situated somewhere between folk rock and folk pop, emerge from the ordinary and unspectacular catastrophies and moments of happiness one experiences while riding the roller-coaster of life. They appear from the quiet spaces behind a common, harrassed, and driven existence, from dark depths, yet always manage to return to bright and miraculous heights. Their voices speak to the world in a light and happily sad language to describe not only the scope of our sensitivities and emotions, but also their commonplace normality.